Two down… Hessville, we’re on a roll…

At dawn we executed two search warrants for drugs. The first was at 3016 165th St. Two subjects were arrested and a large amount of marijuana was located. In addition, cocaine, ecstasy, pills, and a large sum of cash was found in the residence. Our Special Deployment Unit (narcotics) and our SWAT Team performed the operation in a professional and expeditious manner. I had to laugh when a female occupant of the house denied knowing there was any marijuana in the residence. The raw, bundled marijuana could be clearly smelled from the front porch!

The second house searched was at 3307 163rd St. A small amount of drugs was located along with numerous suspected “pirated” dvds. Allegedly, there was a dvd burner set up to make the “pirated” movies. In a strange coincidence, the movie they were pirating was Pirates of the Carribean part 4. You have to appreciate the irony.

Both operations went very smooth. No injuries to police personnel or suspects. The only casulaties were two badly mangled front doors, the result of a 70 pound iron ram being used to make entry.

“The Hammond Police Department, fighting criminals so you don’t have to!”

Best wishes from your Chief of Police…

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  1. Carl Ploense says:

    Thanks again Chief Miller!

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