Helmets? Or the lack there of…

On Monday, Assistant Chief John Doughty, and myself responded to the 6400 block of Indianapolis Boulevard in reference to a motorcycle versus car crash.  This is not the first motorcycle accident I have responded to.  Unfortunately, I have responded to many that resulted in fatalities or near fatality to the motorcycle rider(s).

I don’t ride motorcycles. I’ve barely been able to pilot a car successfully, and dread the thought of the grievous injuries I could incur on a “crotch rocket”. I don’t know much about motor bikes except that they are fun to look at and apparently ride.  I do have knowledge and experience in one aspect of motorcycle riding.  You are safer wearing a helmet than not wearing one.   The accident Monday was similar to many that I have responded to.  Both the motorcycle driver and passenger were unconscious upon our arrival.  Neither was wearing a helmet.  The male driver complained of back pain.  The female passenger, who was not lucid or able to carry on a conversation, had a serious head wound, and it was obvious she was in trouble.

Hammond Fire Department personnel responded in their usual quick and professional manner.  They treated both the casualties and quickly packed them in ambulances for transport. Cops and firefighters talked to each other as always, and it was an unanimous decision that the female passenger was in grave danger because of her head injury.  It was also decided by all present, if she had been wearing a helmet, she would probably have only sustained some serious scrapes and bruises.

Take it from people in the know.  Wear a helmet. A mind is a terrible thing to waste on the roadway….

Serving on the thin blue line….

Chief Brian Miller

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